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Who We Are

Thomas Kalajian, BS, CRTP, CVA, ABAR

Thomas Kalajian, BS, CRTP, CVA, ABAR

Best Accredited in Business Appraisal Review Report Award for 2010


What We Do

Business Valuations Qualified for IRS, Estate, Trust and SBA

Business Valuations for Planning and Exit Strategies

Accredited Business Appraisal Review (ABAR)
(Including Formal Certified Opinion on Credibility of Business Valuation Reports)

Business Valuation Litigation Support
(Practice Limited to Non-Testifying Legal Consulting)


How We Work

Emphasis on Independence, Objectivity and Credibility

Compliant to Nationally-recognized Professional Standards of IBA and NACVA, and USPAP as Appropriate

All Work Personally Done by the Senior Accredited Professional

Comprehensive Valuation Procedures Based on Generally Accepted Business Appraisal Theory, Methodology and Practice